Dense & Pika form one-half of our esteemed residents for 2018. As such, they’re a shoe-in for Junction 2. But this is no buy. The lads are on board purely on merit! Having been a part of year one in 2016, they are eager for making-up lost time after missing out last year. The Dense & Pika story begins 15 years ago in London – where else?! A chance encounter at Soho’s Mad Records would spark a lifelong friendship and, later, a professional partnership. As producers they have exported their London-sound on Drumcode, Hotflush and their own Kneaded Pains label. And as remixers they possess a true Midas touch, providing fresh interpretations to classic tracks from Audion, Tiga and other heavyweights. But it’s their dynamic DJ sets which has clubbers taking them to their heart. They have been ever-present at Drumcode’s annual Halloween raves, regularly taking the plaudits. As ravers at heart, they hold the dancefloor in the highest regard and whether playing or producing, it’s always the pinnacle of their focus. The phrases “dancefloor bomb” might just have been designed with Dense & Pika in mind!