Born in Barbados and raised in South London, before adopting Brighton as his home town. Conquering Ibiza and spending the winter residing down under. Fair to say Carl Cox is techno’s global ambassador. His exploits are well documented.

Less widely-publicised is Cox’s history with London. In 2008 he launched the now ill-fated Matter superclub with full fanfare. In more recent times, his epic B2Bs with Loco Dice on Clapham Common are amongst his best. In 2018 he still locks down an annual date at fabric to showcase the very best of his label, Intec. He’s even played at the House of Commons!

But his flirtings with London dates back far further! He ran Ultimate Base at Velvet Underground (RIP) throughout the 90s. And going back further, his name could be found playing at the numerous impromptu and unlicensed events which popped-up around the M25 at the dawn of rave culture in the late 80s.

We feel J2 is the modern manifestation of London’s rave heritage: with the festival’s stages assimilated into the landscape, the contrast of raw architecture and outstanding natural beauty, no VIP and shedding corporate branding. How about some more B2B magic? Carl Cox vs Adam Beyer – Clash of the Techno Titans!