Âme are a truly unique act in the electronic music universe. A production duo who tour separately – one as a DJ, the other as a live act. And a duo who rarely perform together in public. Kristen Beyer is the DJ-half of the formidable pair, and the man who’ll be joining us at Boston Manor Park on June 9th

There have already been some pretty special Âme moments in London and the wider south-east region down the years. Like Innervision’s exclusive Lost In A Moment takeover of Osea Island. Or Âme 2 Âme when both Kristen and partner Frank Wiedemann graced VU on the same night. At Junction 2 Kristen will play B2B, not with Frank, but another familiar bedfellow in co-Innervision’s head, Dixon. We’ve seen them play together all-day-long before – noon to midnight at the hallowed halls of 77a Charterhouse St. Those present spoke of the chemistry – the alchemy! We anticipate similar scenes and have handed them six full hours to work wonder with. Buckle in for the ride. It’s going to be special!